Opioid Poisoning and Naloxone Resources

Find opioid poisoning and naloxone resources

Come back frequently for updated and new opioid and naloxone awareness resources.

Opioid poisoning preparedness

Download a useful poster that can help if you suspect an opioid poisoning.

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Download the poster

Training brochure

Find basic information about React and Reverse: Opioid Poisoning Response Training from SJA in this informative brochure.

Find a naloxone kit near me

Many provinces and territories offer free naloxone kits.

Impact snapshots

December 31, 2022 Program Snapshot
November 30, 2022 Program Snapshot
August 30, 2021 Program Snapshot
July 16, 2021 Program Snapshot
May 31, 2021 Program Snapshot

I see myself ready to assist our residents and community members who may be suffering from opioid poisoning and then we have a reduced case of death resulting from overdose.

Training Program Participant

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