Accidental Drug Poisoning Crisis - Community of Practice (ADPC-CoP)

St. John Ambulance began the National Summit Series in response to the need for further support of front line workers which was evident in the Reaching Home: Opioid Poisoning Response Training where post-training Q&As ran over the allotted training session time due to the high demand of support and knowledge sharing among frontline workers. Results from training surveys which found a similar need for information and knowledge. Prior to the launch of the pilot, we conducted a needs assessment to determine whether a COP was what frontline workers in the opioid crisis were seeking; support, resources, and connections with others in the field. The needs assessment asked respondents what motivated them to join the summit, what challenges they were currently experiencing with the opioid crisis, and what they were seeking to help inform the format of future national summits. As a result, two-hundred and ninety participants registered for the first pilot event, and over 180 attende

Piloted by our National Summit Series, The Accidental Drug Poisoning Crisis – Community of Practice is an expansion of the Summit series and a national initiative that aims to connect people with lived and living experience, frontline workers, and anyone impacted by the opioid crisis to discuss ideas, challenges, and knowledge of current trends and practices in a safe space. Events will take place online once a month, providing an accessible space to share resources and create community-based solutions.

ADPC-CoP events geared towards specific communities or issues that will accommodate up to 100 participants will take place monthly over zoom with larger scale events taking place trimonthly starting July 27th. The larger events will accommodate up to 500 participants and offer opportunities to hear from keynote speakers, participate in workshops, and engage in personal development.

The ADPC-CoP program is overseen by an advisory committee comprised of subject matter experts including people with lived and living experience, and frontline workers to ensure the content being delivered is both relevant and accurate. With representatives from each corner of Canada, the ADPC-CoP aims to combat the insulation of information throughout the country and create a ‘connective tissue’ to bring people together.

Our next Community of Practice event will be held on March 23rd from 9am - 4pm PST at the University of British Columbia!

Our upcoming event on Community Resiliency will be held in-person at UBC's Ponderosa Ballroom this month. Join us for a full day of learning, collaborating, creating, and community building. Breakfast, lunch, and nasal naloxone kits on us.

Not able to join us in person? Join us virtually to catch all out guest speakers!