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About Our Opioid Response Training Programs

All across Canada, the opioid epidemic is getting worse. Whether you see yourself as a drug user or not, you’ve likely been in situations where the risk of an opioid poisoning was present. We believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility to get trained and carry nasal naloxone because it can save lives.

St. John Ambulance provides desperately needed opioid and nasal naloxone training, as well as nasal naloxone kits, to individuals, communities, and organizations that are struggling to manage opioid poisonings.

Learn how to recognize, react and reverse an opioid poisoning by getting trained today.

Courses for Individuals

Opioid poisonings are on the rise across Canada, and the need for better awareness of how to recognize and respond to these situations is vital. SJA has free training programs that are designed to educate everyday Canadians on opioid awareness and response. Through this training you’ll learn:

  • Stigma and harm reduction
  • How to recognize and respond to an opioid poisoning
  • How to manage the situation
  • How to use Naloxone
  • How to take care of yourself after the event

SJA offers various training program options to suit your desired format, including online and in-person.

Courses for Underserved Communities

Many communities across Canada experience high rates of opioid use, but lack the appropriate supports needed to manage and prevent poisonings. SJA provides free training programs that are designed for the unique needs of underserved communities. Many types of communities are eligible for this program, including:

  • First Nations, Inuit, or Metis communities
  • Rural and Northern communities
  • Job sites
  • Trades
  • Security
  • Natural Resources
  • Schools
    • Secondary
    • Post-Secondary
    • Staff
    • Volunteers

Upon completion of these courses, you will also receive a free nasal naloxone kit.

Courses for Shelters & Support Organizations

Frontline workers are witnessing more opioid poisonings in their organizations and are required to respond. To help meet this growing need, SJA has free training programs to give frontline workers the education and tools they need to address opioid poisonings. Many types of organizations are eligible for this program, including:

  • Homeless shelters
  • Harm reduction sites
  • Peer support groups
  • Drug Users Networks

Upon completion of the course, you will also receive a free nasal naloxone kit.

Our Impact
Participants trained to respond to an opioid poisoning emergency.
Courses Completed
Naloxone Kits distributed.
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of training participants reported high comfort levels to respond to an opioid poisoning, upon completing training
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would recommend SJA Opioid Poisoning Response Training to others.
Community Organizations trained

Data as of January, 2023

Participant Feedback

I feel confident knowing that if I come across someone who has been poisoned that I now have the skills to try and reverse it.
I see myself ready to assist our residents and community members who may be suffering from opioid poisoning and then we have a reduced case of death resulting from overdose.
I love the holistic approach of this training, from the biological side to societal stigma to the actual administration of nasal naloxone. I think one thing our organization is working at always improving is using language that does not connote blame and that is supportive and restorative. I appreciate that this was included.

What is in a nasal naloxone kit?

  • 1x Hard Case 
  • 2 x Doses of nasal Naloxone 4mg/0.1ml 
  • 1 x One-Way Breathing Barrier 
  • 1 x Pair of Non-Latex Gloves 
  • 1 x Trained to Give Naloxone Card 
  • 1 x Fold Out Instruction Page

About St. John Ambulance

St. John Ambulance is an international humanitarian organization and is a foundation of the Order of St. John. As Canada’s standard for excellence in First Aid and CPR services, St. John Ambulance offers innovative programs, ensuring Canadians receive the best quality training. Revenue generated from First Aid/CPR training supports St. John Ambulance’s charitable work in the community.

This program was funded by a contribution from Health Canada’s Substance Use and Addictions Program (SUAP). The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of Health Canada.